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A breathe of fresh air

The modular carbon filter for any mask, CarbonMask.



CarbonMask™ can be inserted into any cloth mask with a filter insert slot. It is light, porous and passively removes carbon dioxide from the air you breathe in and out.



CarbonPure™ is a modular air purifier insert that is compatible with purifier model on the market. Just tell us your purifier model and we will customize the dimensions to suit your needs

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How it works

With our proprietary C3 film as the core, our products passively extracts carbon dioxide from air passing through the film.



Feel free to send us an email to for further enquiries.

How does our film work?

Our C3 film chemically binds with the carbon dioxide molecules in the air, allowing oxygen and other gases to pass through. The carbon dioxide can then be extracted and transported to urban farms and other carbon dioxide users.

Are there any limitations?

Our film is most efficient with constant airflow and low temperature (room temperature and below). Once the C3 film is saturated, it will stop absorbing carbon dioxide.

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